Backpack Full of Ca$h

Tuesday, November 21st’s film screening was a success by all measures! We had almost 40 members attend the member’s only forum prior to the film. with even more at the film. Eight other local associations were also represented at the forum. There were well over 100 people at the event including State Representative Jim Cantwell and Joan Meschino, School Committee Chair Sean Costello, School Committee member Brigid Boyd and District Finance Director Tom Miller.

One of our members described her feelings after the film by saying that while it made her “frustrated and angry” to see what is happening to school districts around the country, the film also made her realize “how incredibly fortunate we are to teach where we do.”

In that spirit, the MEA is incredibly fortunate to have such dedicated and active members and I am personally grateful to all of those who came to the event and continue to drive this organization forward.

Chris Galvin
Marshfield Education Association Co-President