Legislative Meeting


To help relieve some of the pressure on our state public higher education institutions and its students; relief will come with the passage of a bill called The Cherish Act.  Our best (and most convenient) opportunity to help get this bill passed will be by attending a meeting with our local legislators on Thursday, March 5th, at 4:00 PM in the Presentation Center at Marshfield High School.

All educators are welcome and encouraged to attend to help impress upon our elected officials how much we need, and appreciate, their support.

The Student Opportunity Act has passed and awaits the Governor’s signature!

A letter from MTA president Merrie Najimy:


You did it!!!

Today the House and Senate unanimously approved the Student Opportunity Act, the education funding bill that MTA members — via the Fund Our Future campaign — have been fighting for over the past year. It will lead to hundreds of millions more public education dollars from the state next year alone — and $1.5 billion over inflation by 2027. Governor Charlie Baker can sign the act, send it back with proposed amendments or veto it. Given the overwhelming support for the measure, significant changes are not anticipated.

The MTA was a major force behind the bill and its earlier incarnation, the Promise Act. Through your local associations and statewide through the Fund Our Future coalition, MTA member actions included:

-79 organizing events, 44 of them community forums and 35 of them in-district legislative meetings.
-100 school committee resolutions and seven municipal board resolutions.
-18,124 signatures on petitions.
-3,844 emailed messages and 1,955 phone calls to legislators.
-Attendance at rallies on May 16 in Boston, Springfield and Pittsfield by more than 4,000 educators and fellow public education advocates.
-About a dozen weekly State House activist events from May through August.
-The distribution of thousands of flyers, stickers, signs and Fund Our Future T-shirts.
-Tens of thousands of social media posts and shares.

Well done! There will be much work ahead to make sure that educators have input into district plans, that the money is spent according to our vision and that the state doesn’t overreach by trying to dictate local priorities. But for now, let’s celebrate our great progress toward creating the schools our students deserve.

In solidarity,

Marshfield Republic Strike Ends

This morning striking Teamster Republic Services workers who held the line for 84 days voted to end their strike against the company.

After months of the company’s anti-worker mistreatment, the group expressed their desire never to work for Republic whether they were able to achieve a contract or not. Local 25 will find the strikers jobs in Teamster-covered industries with Teamster pensions and health and welfare benefits.

The group struck August 29 following months of fruitless negotiations with Republic for a first contract. The group extended picket lines to cities around the country, brought the fight to shareholders and maintained the line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on Route 139 in Marshfield.

“A small group in Marshfield, Massachusetts had the stones to take on a mammoth corporation. Working Teamsters and their local unions across the nation backed them every day. That is a point of pride,” said Sean O’Brien, Teamster Local 25 President.

“Local 25 will continue to work with locals to build a long-term, national strategic network to fight the white-collar criminals who run Republic. I want to thank the members of Teamsters Local 25, Joint Council 10 and all of the Teamsters and union supporters everywhere for standing with these brave workers. This is just one battle in a long war that we will win.”

MEA members support Teamsters Boston in their fight for fair wages and union rights!

Keep up the fight!

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Garbage collection workers on strike amid fight for better benefits, more pay

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