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MTA State Wide Meeting Update

If you didn’t get a chance to attend the MTA Zoom meeting on Wednesday, July 29th, they will upload a recording of the meeting on the MTA Members only website, so you can access it there.

There will also be another meeting scheduled for sometime during the week of August 10th.
There is an immediate need to contact your legislators about fully funding K-12 AND our public colleges, which have been furloughing and combining classes to the detriment of our students and colleagues in Higher Ed.  
Email or call with this message:
You all will receive a call to action to pressure DESE to deal with our concerns that ALL STUDENTS and EDUCATORS are provided with safe working conditions.  WE have got him to reduce time on learning to 170 days, giving us time to prepare for 10 days.
  • WE now need him to mandate the CALL BACK of all the educators who have been laid off, give our ESP & CSPs a voice in these proceedings, keep art, music and physical education going fully staffed and fund our school libraries, etc.
  • WE need, if not the cessation, the suspension of the MCAS.
  • WE need DESE to understand that technology is a LEARNING tool NOT a TEACHING tool (they have bought a School in a Box – a full set of “classes” to prepare the students for MCAS).  WE are the ones who know and facilitate our students’ learning
  • WE need him to REMOVE full back LIVE schools as an alternative for this fall.  Acknowledge that NO system can provide safe learning conditions with EVERYONE in the building at one time.
The MTA has also prepared a petition that they are asking locals to support.  I will be scheduling another Zoom meeting and get that petition out to you for your consideration.
Thank you and stay safe!!