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Welcome Back Colleagues and Friends

I hope you are all well and looking forward to a successful school year, no matter what form it takes. I want to thank Mr. Granatino for his warm welcome back. Over the “summer”, we have seen all the hard work that is going on in our buildings to prepare everyone for a safe and healthy school year. We know there are still areas that need to be prepared and the district has plans well in place. We all will continue to monitor them once we are back.
We also have had collaborative teams who have worked very hard to develop a sound and robust plan for this coming year. This groundwork by the administration and your peers, has been of great help during negotiations (this process is ongoing and your Universal Negotiating Team has two more meetings scheduled this coming week – Tuesday and Thursday). They responded to our concerns about the process we used last year and you will find you will have much more flexibility.
I know we all want to have a definitive plan and assignment for the year. Because of the unique circumstances and adjustments that need to be made to provide for employees’ special circumstances, that process is not finished yet. This is one job I am happy not to have to do.
I also know that we are all worried about how is this ever going to work! Just think, we have ten days of training and preparation. This opportunity will be invaluable. In addition to giving us time to work independently and collaboratively to develop our plans, it will also give us time to answer many of those questions.
I will miss seeing all of you that first day of school. It is always a wonderful celebration at the start of the year. At least, we will get to see our more intimate colleagues. It may be a more subdued celebration but it will still be a joy to be back with each other-even at a safe distance.
I know our students have missed being with us and each other. Our classrooms will be “different” and in one way better – just think, working with 10 or 11 children in your class instead of 22 to 28 -30. We might have less time with them but what vistas this opens.

This will be a year of new challenges.  I do not minimize them.

We will meet them together, as we always do and SUCCEED. 
Thank you all!
Sally Marples, President