MEA Annual Meeting and Local Forum

The MEA Executive Board calls a general membership meeting on May 9th, @ 4pm in the MHS Auditorium.

As you may know, this year district tutors voted to incorporate into our Association and we need to change the language of the by-laws to accommodate this new bargaining unit. According to our by-laws, we need to host a general membership meeting to make any changes to our by-laws. The Board also wants to hear from you to find out how we can best serve our member’s needs moving forward.This was the genesis of this meeting.

A lot of districts have a general Annual Meeting in the spring and we thought this would be a first step towards having a formal Annual Spring Meeting in the future. Please make every effort to attend if it doesn’t conflict with any pressing professional or personal matters. If you have any questions, please email me.

Below please find the agenda for the meeting:

1) Welcome
2) MEA Year in Review
3) By-Laws Review
4) End of the Year To-Do list
5) MEA Election Preview
6) Open Forum to Member Concerns-How can we better serve you?